Some more scenics

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So, I’ve finished the last of the commissioned pieces my friend Rodney asked me to paint. One was a nice ruined resin Spanish home in 28mm by Vac-U-Form (I think), and the others were some medieval looking bulwarks (also 28mm resin). So, without further ado, the photos.


Painted up some scenics

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So, my good friend Rodney Postillion commissioned me to paint up some of his spare buildings. He gave me a 28mm Mediterranean Village, and some 28mm Normandy buildings (and one bridge) to slap some paint on. Below are pictures of my mad paint splashes that somehow ended up looking moderately okay.

Okay, okay, I know it’s been a while

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I’m not dead though, and still very much in the miniatures game. Since July (crap, it’s been that long?) I’ve gone to Fall-In, gamed quite a bit with my Denver group, bought a huge amount of painted Napoleonics, had some other unpainted Naps painted for me, bought, of course, unpainted lead in enough quantities to ensure my life for another decade, done some scale modeling, and even painted some miniatures myself. It sounds like a lot, but of course we’re never truly finished. So, what’s on my table right now?

1. Inputting my Napoleonics Armies into C&G II so I can actually game instead of looking at the pretty minis.
2. Finish painting up Inkbiz’s 1/200 Napoleonic French (he graciously sent some my way from his first batch and they look AMAZING; I’ve painted up a few stands and they will be posted below).
3. Finally learn to play Kriegsspiel 1824 so I can actually run a game at GhengisCon 2011 and not look like an idiot.
4. Finish some paper modeling of Miniature Wargames Magazine buildings (I bought an ECW 15mm set).
5. Start and finish a Revell 1/542 scale USS Forrestal aircraft carrier model that I’ve had since the dawn of time.
6. Paint up the now put together a AMT/ERTL 1/60 scale model of the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Virago ship I’ve had forever and finally got around to gluing together.
7. Paint up the All The King’s Men 54mm War of 1812 British Army I’ve put together and primed.
8. Finish painting up some 28mm Normandy and Mediterranean buildings for my friend Rodney.
9. Much, much, more.

So, now that you know what I’m behind on, here are some nice pictures to look at.

Battle of Charleroi 5 July 1708 – 07-06-10

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So, yesterday I played in a little War of Spanish Succession game with a few of the local guys: Jay Goodridge, Frank Okovich, and Jeff Kohnke. This was Jay’s game and he did a great job of it. He had custom made boards, and the figures were lovely as always. We decided to play outside in the backyard, and this became a factor as the day went on. It was a nice little French vs. Allies battle, with the French needing to move their forces beyond the board to meet up with the main army. For some reason I’m always put on the attacking side, and so I played French with Jay, with Jeff and Frank defending.

Utilizing a two-pronged assault we wanted to split the Allied forces and move quickly. Our infantry made good headway, and in fact we were near to moving off the board with Jay’s units, but my failure in charging the cavalry in the middle led to a stop that bogged us down. The terrain forced an issue on the left flank, and though I repulsed a larger cavalry charge, again my morale rolls failed me.

In the end, we decided the retire the battle largely in part to the heat outside, and the fact that we were worried about the miniatures melting. Let’s just call it a tie. However, you don’t want to hear me prattle, you want to see photos!

JohnnyCon 3 Day 3

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So, after a long weekend of gaming and, if all disclosure should be made, drinking, JohnnyCon 3 is coming to an end. Bryan Bradshaw is running his popular Mill Springs game one last time, and we are going to be closing this convention for the year. Some information of note is that though JohnnyCon is a con that runs every other year, they are now considering .5 versions. What I mean is that those involved are looking at doing JohnnyCons in intervening years between the regular versions, except they will be moving to different places, and may even be held as a mini-con at larger cons. We shall see what the future brings. For more information check out the JohnnyCon yahoo group. I have a few photos of the last Mill Springs game, so without further ado…

JohnnyCon 3 Day 2

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The mist blows away off the field of battle as JohnnyCon 3 moves into day 2. Before I get into today’s games i want to clarify that Mark Severin’s game is called “Bitter Angels,” which is a Grand Armeé variant. He will be running it today as well.

Anyhow, lots of games going on today, but they all start with Kermit Hellis’ ACW Railroad Raid game. Now, this game is a gigantic affair with 17-18 players and a setup that takes half the room. I started out on the Confederate side (after all I am American by birth, but Southern by the grace of God, so they say!) and had control of a small unit of militia helping to guard the town of Macon, GA against elite Union dismounted cavalry. We fought hard and turned back the raiders. Granted this involved some very lucky shots on the part of my militia, and the elite artillery battery that was on our side, but happen it did. As the game played out the Union army was beaten back everywhere, the Rebs turning back infantry and cavalry with aplomb. The game ended, naturally, in a Confederate victory.

In the afternoon several games are going on, including Mike Wedding’s Battle of the Crater, repeats of Mark Severin’s “Bitter Angels” playtest game, the Dan Marshall’s Double Blind Antietam game, and Byron Bradshaw’s Mill Springs game. Toward the end of the evening, me and my friends, Doug Kline and Cary Bednarek broke of Wings of War WWI just to round out the evening.

So, news on John HIll’s new game: It will be about Gettysburg, and will be based on both Squad Leader and JOhnny Reb 3. In fact, the game will be compatible for Johnny Reb 3. The maps, first off, are completely gorgeous, with nearly photo-realistic graphics. The counters will be done by the same graphic designer and should be equally as lovely. I wish I could show you images, however, out of respect for John’s wishes I will refrain. It will be a hex-based game with hexes being 200 yards across (equivalent to 4″ in Johnny Reb 3), so scenarios and maps can easily be translated to a miniatures game. It is going to be a regimental level game, starting at day one of Gettysburg, and will include scenarios that have never been really done before. Game pieces will have less information on them than one would expect, as brigade cards will be used to keep track of more in depth information. Commander cards will also be used. Game turns will be 30 minutes long, which is similar to Johnny Reb’s 20 minute turns. It will be published by Academy Games It may be out by the end of the year, or early 2011 at best. Estimated price point is about $80 USD per game. That’s kind of a brief on it, anymore information would probably get me in trouble.

Now, here is what you really want to see: The photos!

JohnnyCon 3 Day 1 & Intro

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So, I’m here at JohnnyCon3 and I thought I’d do some photoblogging and so on to give a little flavor of this great little con. For those of you who are unaware JohnnyCon3 is a small biannual dedicated to Johnny Reb (all versions and variants welcome), and sometimes ASL (because as you may or may not know John Hill wrote both games). There will be a few talks going on throughout the weekend, including one by the man himself, John Hill. There are a couple vendors here: Battlefield Terrain Concepts and Scale Creep Miniatures. So, this year it’s in Indianapolis and the con lasts three days. Today is day one. According to the PEL we have three games going: Dean West’s 7YW Frieberg Game (using a JR3 variant, The Final Argument of Kings, 2nd ed.), Pat LeBeau’s WWII ASL game, Bryon Bradshaw’s Mill Springs ACW game, some game being put on by Mark Severin (of Scale Creep fame), and Dan Marshall’s Double Blind Antietam game. I will be adding photos as the day goes on, so away we go!

Ok, so the day is done, and it’s been a fun day. I played in a second running of Pat LeBeau’s ASL game, Cossacks against Germans (some of you may know the scenario [I don’t as this was my first time playing ASL], it’s the one where the Panzer Grendadiers show up on turn 4), and I was playing the German commander. It was extremely hard fought and despite my stopping the majority of the Cossack wave attack on my HQ within 3 turns, some got through and entered my HQ building. Unfortunately my AFV was toasted the moment it showed itself (something that happened the first game as well), and couldn’t put in any kind of showing. By the end of turn three I had an officer captured by the Cossacks and I needed to recapture or kill him before the end of turn 4. The tide was against me. Luckily, the Panzer Grenadiers arrived in half-tracks, and I was able to unload and retake my officer, and captured the Cossack leader while I was at it. At this point most of the remaining Cossacks bugged out and the day was a German victory!

Hopefully, I’ll play in a game or two tomorrow. We shall see.

Also, in response to messages from TMP:

Grunt1861, no insights as yet about John Hill’s new game. I think he may be presenting it tomorrow (or later today). I’ll see what I can find out.

rct75001, Dean’s game used a large mix of buildings. Most were Architectural Heritage (now JR miniatures), some were old Musket Miniatures (which are no longer available). Battlefield Terrain Concepts carries the JR line, you should give them a shout.